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Fit To Fly

Covid 19 Home Test Allows Individuals To Collect Their Sample

Covid 19 Home Test

COVID-19 Fit to Fly Certificate 

Are you in need of a fit to fly certificate? We will send you a COVID-19 test kit and have one of our specialists provide you with an online consultation. Covid 19 home test.

Are you looking forward to your first trip overseas after a long period of lockdown? Perhaps, wanting to meet long-distance loved ones amidst this pandemic? With airlines starting to accommodate the public to make this possible, securing a fit to fly certificate might be an immediate priority for you.

With our rapid test kits together with the best of our consulting physicians, we aim to assist you in making your next trip as safe and hassle-free as possible.

An at-home test kit for COVID-19 will be the perfect choice for you if you do not fancy the inconvenience and increased chances of contact and exposure by visiting in-person testing sites. Getting a fit to fly certificate may seem taxing, but we are here to provide you with a smooth and easy three-step process. 

What is a fit to fly certificate?

A fit to fly certificate is a medical certification signed by a general practitioner that affirms your health is good for traveling. It has always been a standard flight requirement for pregnant women, passengers with underlying health conditions, and during these times – people traveling from country to country.

Where and how to get a fit to fly certificate?

You can order a rapid test kit from us and have the test done in the comfort of your homes. After getting a negative result, we will have you talk with a licensed physician and then provide you with a fit to fly certificate.

With our kits priced at €80, including free express delivery catering to EU, EEA, and UK countries, we offer one of the most efficient and value-for-money packages on the market. Quick, convenient, and budget-friendly; what we offer would also make a great gift to your friends, employees, or loved ones, especially during this Christmas season.

Why do I need a fit to fly certificate?

Considering the alarmingly high transmission rate of COVID-19, airlines worldwide have placed several regulations on our air transport process. It is to ensure that their passengers are meeting their health and safety standards. Having a fit to fly certificate affirms the excellent condition of your health and that you are free from the virus, having little to no risk of spreading COVID-19 to other passengers. 

Aside from confirming negative results from COVID-19 tests, reasons for securing a fit to fly certificate might include the following:

1. Conditions such as stroke, deep vein thrombosis, gastroenteritis, tonsillitis might prevent you from doing air travel. A fit to fly certificate guarantees that you are an inpidual with optimal health conditions for traveling.

2. Air cabin pressure may result in fewer oxygen levels on your blood-stream. Airlines may require confirmation that your medical history is free from conditions that may have damaged your eyes, heart, lungs, or abdominal area, especially if you may have undergone any recent surgery.

3. Pregnant women considering aviation travel shall secure a fit to fly certificate indicating their pregnancy phase to avoid the possibilities of premature labor or blood clotting. As there are no blanket guidelines for air travel for pregnant women, it is essential to check the airline's policies you will be choosing.

What will my results tell me?

Suppose your results indicate that you tested positive for the virus. In that case, you must observe limitations with your interaction and exposure to other people over some time while continuously monitoring your symptoms and body condition.

Your results turn out negative, but you have reason to believe that you may have been exposed to the virus recently – you should consider having further evaluation and follow-up check-ups with your healthcare provider.

Like other healthcare testing procedures, on some occasions, testing during the early stages of infection or incubation period and improper use of test kits might conclude a false negative result. In this case, we recommend you consider doing another test.

How is COVID-19 Treated?

Currently, there is still no treatment for the novel coronavirus. Some severe cases require hospitalization, and respiratory support may be of great need. However, not everyone carrying the virus will demand extensive medical attention, and many people tend to recover after two weeks without any particular treatments.

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